Top 15 Workout Tips From Oprah

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Here are top 15 workout tips that Oprah follow.

Being one of the biggest stars on the planet, Oprah is a very busy woman. That is why she struggle with weight loss for many years. However, when she started following these workout tips, she started losing weight. Every now and then, when her weights creep back up, Oprah uses these workout tips to get back in shape. So while you may not have a TV station and a billion dollars in your bank account, you can lose weight with these 15 workout tips as well.

  1.  Do cardio for at least 200 minutes per week

That is the minimum time everybody should do cardio per week. Whether it is walking, running, jogging or swimming, Oprah makes sure to get at least 200 minutes of some form of cardio in per week. She typically perform cardio 5 to 6 days per week. Getting at leas 3 days of cardio per week should suffice.