Interesting Object Spotted On The Moon!

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Different reports and sightings have been published in newspapers and online bookstores about findings and mysterious objects and perhaps even life evidenced on the moon. One tends to itch for a bit so as to create a mental image on how such mysteries came to be and whether or not what is said is true or sheer lies. Perhaps we have watched documentaries of astronauts who landed on the moon successfully and took photos using moon rovers showing strange objects that leave one aching for facts.

Described below are strange things sited on the moon:


Once in a while, we experience tremors/quakes on earth which could seem rather unlikely to occur on the moon given that it’s far away and gravitational pull on earth and the moon are obscenely different. The moonquakes could be caused by meteorite impacts or by the intensity of the suns heat. These quakes on the moon according to NASA create an extraordinary effect that makes the moon ring like a bell.