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We don’t know what drove this man to pour molten aluminium into an ant colony in the first place. Perhaps it was a desire to destroy the ants in a particularly sinister fashion, or it might have been that indeed he thought the end result would be a work of art. Regardless, when he poured the molten metal into the art colony for the first time, the result was nothing short of magical. You have to see it to believe it.

Though most would argue that these celebrity kids might be amongst the most lucky kids on Earth, being a celebrity child is not entirely easy. Most of these “Celebrity Kids” are now grownups and if you’d like to know how they ended up doing I suggest you read on:

Francesca Eastwood

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Daughter of Clint Eastwood she was born in Redding, California and she’s an actress. Her most famous roles have been on True Crime (1999) and Outlaws and Angels (2016). She got married November 18, 2013 to Jordan Feldstein. It didn’t work out and she divorced him 8 days afterwards. She’s currently expecting a child with her fiance Alexander Wraith.

To read something is very well but there is simply nothing like seeing with your own eyes. This 40 must see historical pictures will make you travel back in time and there are many things to like and many things to fear. You shall see industry and bravery but you shall also see racism and bigotry. There are many who would rewrite history  but there is no rewriting these perfectly digitzed -and mostly black and white- photographs taken by people who did it in the hope that someone like you would ever have a chance to see them.

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One of the sexiest women of the 1990s…

A man named Bruce Campbell, retired electrical engineer, has a somewhat unusual home: A retired Boeing 727-200 airliner. He bought it pretty much in one piece when it was grounded and had it transported to a patch of land he owns in the woods. It wasn’t a whim though it is fair to say it was far from practical. Bruce is not your average retiree and he was drawn for quite some time, to the potential of retired airliners as homes. According to Bruce, airliners do not just make decent homes but far superior living spaces compared to conventional houses. It might sound far fetched but we guarantee you’ll see what he means as you read on…

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Ready to die

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German General Anton Dostler is prepared for execution by firing squad in December 1944.