As many pregnant women are all too aware, being pregnant is not easy. You don’t need to tell this South African rhino twice about how crap it can get, given the situation that she was put through when three lions took advantage of her situation.

When you’re pregnant, you’re living for two, which means that you have to take chances. Unfortunately for this mom-to-be, one chance taken put her in the thick of things as she falls into the body of water and has to escape.

Like all newlyweds, Mary and John had big plans for the future…

They were lovers who had decided to spend the rest of their lives together. However, their big dreams were almost dashed one day when John was involved in a major motorcycle accident. Mary never left his side. She refused to let him go even when doctors told her there was no hope. Check out these slides of a couple that defied all odds and read this heartwarming story of love.

1. In Difficulty And In Happiness

Mary and John had only been married for a year when her husband was involved in an accident. Soon after, doctors told her to turn off the life support system for her husband. However, Mary was determined not to give up. When he did wake up, it was more amazing than anybody could have ever imagined.

Fierceness in a woman is not limited to her political party or the era that she lives in. Read on to find about 15 of the fiercest women across the political spectrum and history:

1 Hillary Clinton: First first lady to earn a graduate degree, to be elected to a national office, to be subpoenaed, and to run for president. This former Republican was a Democratic senator at the same time her husband was president. She also served as secretary of state.

18 year old Kylie. 26 year old Tyga. They’ve allegedly been hooking up since Kylie was wayyy underage. Then they allegedly broke up and got back together. Blah. Blah. Blah. I personally don’t know what they were doing prior to her 18th birthday, but now according to Kylie, the two are “hanging out, living life.” And that’s cool with me, but I think since so many of you still have an issue with this, I’ll give you 15 other guys who you may like better…so let’s play. Ready. Set. Go.

Asking anyone about weight is as equally offensive as asking them their age…thus the reason I wouldn’t ask anyone that. Lol. But, these celebs have been pretty forthcoming. Some are a little shocking and some not so much. First up: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the actor is very attractive and fit, but he admitted he went down from 175 lbs to 130 lbs to play a character with tuberculosis on the History Channel’s “Texas Rising.”

Growing up these days, I feel like the teenagers totally miss the “ugly duckling phase.” Look at the Jenners for example, they were practically babies when we were introduced to them on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” and then they were fashion mavens and a super model. Even kids who aren’t famous, with social media and YouTube tutorials they’re highlighting and contouring by 14 and know how to do their own hair extensions maybe even earlier than that. Well, I for one had no access to those things and many of these celebrities didn’t either.So the ugly duckling phase was in full effect. Lol.But that doesn’t mean theydidn’t catch up and grow into major hotties! First up, Kate Hudson. Baby pic is just a baby pic. A crying, drooling baby. But the after pic. HELLO BLONDE BOMBSHELL!

You know how candid pictures are. Well, I know how they are to me. Lol. I love them about 90% of the time. When you’re laughing with a friend or playing in your hair and someone captures your picture from across the room, it’s cute….until it’s not. When that cute candid smile isn’t so much of a smile and it’s you digging in your nose (or looking like you are), laughing too hard, a sneeze. All bad. But when it’s you, me, the average folk of the world, we have little to no worries but when you’re Ellen Degeneres (pictured above) laughing and standing next to your wife (Portia De Rossi) and it looks like you’re staring right down into Katy Perry’s boobs, it’s just odd like the rest of these AWKWARDLY TIMED PICS. Keep clicking to catch the rest.

Okay so you’re a celebrity. You have access to the best of the best. Stylists. Designer goods. Makeup artists on standby…so does that mean you should ALWAYS look perfect?…some may say yes; well I say NO! Yes, they’re rich (in some cases they aren’t) and famous, but first and foremost, they’re human. I’m just happy no one is taking pictures of me looking my worst and publishing them all over the internet. How would you feel?…but since the pics are up, there’s no one saying we can’t look at them. Lol. First up Lisa Rinna. Lisa has been in the business for years. She’s an actress who most recently transitioned to reality TV on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa is 52 years old…so yes the picture shows a few blotchy skin areas. And it’s VERY close up so it’s not the greatest. But for 52..rock it girl!

Nose job. Rhinoplasty. Altering the nose you were born with… Whatever you want to call it…being someone who has had a nose job, trust me not only do I know how much of a painful surgery it is, I also understand how much of a game changer a nose job is. My surgeon even said, “A nose job is one of the only surgeries that can immediately take you from a 5 to a 10 (knockout)in no time.” Lol. The thing with nose jobs though, when they say they’re game changers, they really are. It can be REALLY good or REALLY bad. And once it’s been done once, doing it over and over again makes it even worse. Let me start by saying I don’t think anyone “needs” a nose job. It’s cosmetic, but it can and will improve your looks IF done right. First up, Courtney Love. GREAT NOSE JOB!!! Courtney says, “I was an actress in the ’80s but, well, let’s just be real, I had a really big nose. That schnoz was not taking me anywhere but radio. “Yeah, I got my nose fixed…in six months, the whole world changed. It just happenedI was 20 when I did it.”