Yoga is becoming one of the most relaxing and satisfying ways to tone up your body and get in shape. Although the wide popularity of this type of exercise, there are many people still seem reluctant to get a yoga mat and start to practice it. We are going to show the most original and crazy photo that will convert you into a loyal yoga fanatic.


Everyone knows about Air Force One. It’s the ultra-secure, high-tech air craft that the President of the United States uses to move around the world on official government business. Almost no one, however, has heard of its shadowy twin. The Doomsday plane follows Air Force One everywhere it flies. But what is it doing, and what is its purpose?

Puppy mills raise dogs for cash and often house them in deplorable conditions prior to sale. This Chihuahua couldn’t open her eyes because she spent her early life in darkness and fear. Find out more about this adorable pup who got a second chance. Hemp lived in the tiny cage and didn’t know what it was like to be coddled and loved as she deserved.

Different reports and sightings have been published in newspapers and online bookstores about findings and mysterious objects and perhaps even life evidenced on the moon. One tends to itch for a bit so as to create a mental image on how such mysteries came to be and whether or not what is said is true or sheer lies. Perhaps we have watched documentaries of astronauts who landed on the moon successfully and took photos using moon rovers showing strange objects that leave one aching for facts.

Described below are strange things sited on the moon:


Once in a while, we experience tremors/quakes on earth which could seem rather unlikely to occur on the moon given that it’s far away and gravitational pull on earth and the moon are obscenely different. The moonquakes could be caused by meteorite impacts or by the intensity of the suns heat. These quakes on the moon according to NASA create an extraordinary effect that makes the moon ring like a bell.

As many pregnant women are all too aware, being pregnant is not easy. You don’t need to tell this South African rhino twice about how crap it can get, given the situation that she was put through when three lions took advantage of her situation.

When you’re pregnant, you’re living for two, which means that you have to take chances. Unfortunately for this mom-to-be, one chance taken put her in the thick of things as she falls into the body of water and has to escape.

Like all newlyweds, Mary and John had big plans for the future…

They were lovers who had decided to spend the rest of their lives together. However, their big dreams were almost dashed one day when John was involved in a major motorcycle accident. Mary never left his side. She refused to let him go even when doctors told her there was no hope. Check out these slides of a couple that defied all odds and read this heartwarming story of love.

1. In Difficulty And In Happiness

Mary and John had only been married for a year when her husband was involved in an accident. Soon after, doctors told her to turn off the life support system for her husband. However, Mary was determined not to give up. When he did wake up, it was more amazing than anybody could have ever imagined.

Fierceness in a woman is not limited to her political party or the era that she lives in. Read on to find about 15 of the fiercest women across the political spectrum and history:

1 Hillary Clinton: First first lady to earn a graduate degree, to be elected to a national office, to be subpoenaed, and to run for president. This former Republican was a Democratic senator at the same time her husband was president. She also served as secretary of state.

18 year old Kylie. 26 year old Tyga. They’ve allegedly been hooking up since Kylie was wayyy underage. Then they allegedly broke up and got back together. Blah. Blah. Blah. I personally don’t know what they were doing prior to her 18th birthday, but now according to Kylie, the two are “hanging out, living life.” And that’s cool with me, but I think since so many of you still have an issue with this, I’ll give you 15 other guys who you may like better…so let’s play. Ready. Set. Go.

Asking anyone about weight is as equally offensive as asking them their age…thus the reason I wouldn’t ask anyone that. Lol. But, these celebs have been pretty forthcoming. Some are a little shocking and some not so much. First up: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the actor is very attractive and fit, but he admitted he went down from 175 lbs to 130 lbs to play a character with tuberculosis on the History Channel’s “Texas Rising.”