Although the Woodstock era ended 47 years ago, its cultural spirit, music influences, and iconic fashion remain alive even today. These photos portray perfectly what Woodstock was really is; it was more than just a music festival but a cultural landmark that represented the real wish for freedom from the youth of the entire generation of the 1960s and part of the 1970s.


The introduction of military tanks markedly changed the way humans wage war. Their sheer mass is psychologically intimidating, almost as if they tap into our primal fears of immense predatory animals. In addition, they are clearly designed to for human slaughter while protecting those inflicting the harm. It’s no wonder images of tanks seem haunting. Here are unforgettable images of abandoned war tanks that evoke all the pathos of viewing war machines plus the futility of their dereliction.

1. Kharkov Soviet Tank Graveyard, Ukraine

This massive, heavily guarded tank graveyard in the Ukraine contains a sea of discarded Soviet tanks, many manufactured over fifty years ago. This location was previously a busy tank repair facility, but with newer, more technologically advanced models coming in, these older versions silently decay.

Everyone knows about Air Force One. It’s the ultra-secure, high-tech air craft that the President of the United States uses to move around the world on official government business. Almost no one, however, has heard of its shadowy twin. The Doomsday plane follows Air Force One everywhere it flies. But what is it doing, and what is its purpose?

Different reports and sightings have been published in newspapers and online bookstores about findings and mysterious objects and perhaps even life evidenced on the moon. One tends to itch for a bit so as to create a mental image on how such mysteries came to be and whether or not what is said is true or sheer lies. Perhaps we have watched documentaries of astronauts who landed on the moon successfully and took photos using moon rovers showing strange objects that leave one aching for facts.

Described below are strange things sited on the moon:


Once in a while, we experience tremors/quakes on earth which could seem rather unlikely to occur on the moon given that it’s far away and gravitational pull on earth and the moon are obscenely different. The moonquakes could be caused by meteorite impacts or by the intensity of the suns heat. These quakes on the moon according to NASA create an extraordinary effect that makes the moon ring like a bell.

The Civil War makes a turning point in history for many reasons. One such reason is that it was the first time photographs were widely used to document the horrors of war.  Here are some of the most fascinating:

1. Sudley Springs
This photo shows the first major land battle at the very start of the Civil War. The land battle was an important start to the war.