Here are top 15 workout tips that Oprah follow.

Being one of thebiggest stars on the planet, Oprah is a very busy woman. That is why she struggle with weight loss for many years. However, when she started following these workout tips, she started losing weight. Every now and then, when her weights creep back up, Oprah uses these workout tips to get back in shape. So while you may not have a TV station and a billion dollars in your bank account, you can lose weight with these 15 workout tips as well.

  1. Do cardio for at least 200 minutes per week

That is the minimum time everybody should do cardio per week. Whether it is walking, running, jogging or swimming, Oprah makes sure to get at least 200 minutes of some form of cardio in per week. She typically perform cardio 5 to 6 days per week. Getting at leas3 days of cardio per week should suffice.

It is time to get motivated to work out!

Motivation is something that you cannot turn on or off. Like an overdue light bill, either you have themoney to pay it or you will have to invest in some candles. When it comes to health & fitness, too many people want results but are not motivated enough to achieve them. This upcoming New Years, most people will set a goal to lose weight. They will start off the first weeks working out hard. But when they realize that results wont come fast, they completely stop. Does that describe you? Well I have 15 reasons you should be motivated to workout.

You Life Longer

This reason is obvious; yet, most people still dont get it. You have to exercise for your body to thrive. Some people think they just have to eat well to thrive. Wrong! Your body is composed of muscle, bones, heart, lungs and other major organs. As we get older, these bodily components suffer unless you exercise.

Want to know what workouts to do in cold weather ?

Brrr!!! It is getting cold out here! So working out outside is out of the question….or is it? There are plenty of cold weather exercises that will help you get in shape. So grab your jacket, mittens, coats, scarf or whatever like wearing during this time. Here are 17 outdoor exercises that will leave you in shape this winter.

1. Brisk walking

Unless a typhoon is coming your way, walking is a great workout no matter how the weather is. To burn more calories, up the intensity with a brisk walk. So do not let sleet or snow stop you from getting your walk on!

Don’t let the holidays get you out of shape. The holidays are here! It is too cold , there is plenty of food and that sugary egg nog your aunt makes taste ole’ so good. In other words, you can easily get fat. According to statistics, roughly 75% of annual weight gain takes place during the holiday season. In addition, if you put on just two pounds a year over the course of 10 years, youll gain 20 hard-to-lose pounds! But it don’t have to be that way. These 15 tips help you stay fit this holiday season.

1. Eat from smaller plates

Most people consume too many calories because their plates are too big. An association with more overweight people is due to bigger plates. Studies show people eat less when their plates are small. So it is best to bring a small plate with you to holiday dinners.

It seems like celebrities never get out of shape.
But it is really incredible when two fit celebrities get together. When the spotlight, limelight and every other kind of light is on them, they got to look good! Damn near flawless when they are in one of the award shows. It is one thing if they were by themselves but they are judged alongside their celebrity spouse. It is not easy but these celebrity couples get it done. So if you and your lover need fitness inspiration, you came to the right place. Here are 15 of the fittest celebrity couples on the planet.

1. Will & Jada Smith
Since being married in 1997, Will and Jada has been a mainstay as one of the Hollywood’s fittest couples. Despite their busy schedules, this stays in great shape. With the various movie roles, being in-shape is a must. Both actors regularly workout together to maintain their fabulous bods as you clearly see.

Celebrities striveto get in shape too!

There has always been the misconception that all celebrities are in-shape or they have an easier time being in shape. But take into the hectic lifestyle of the average celebrity, that is not thecase. For every Arnold Schwarzenegger, there is a Danny Devito. (Makes me want to watch the movie, Twins) However, there are 15celebrities who transformed their physique from flabby to fit. Let’s make our way down the red carpet and see who they are!

1. Hugh Jackman

If you seen any of the X-Men or Wolverine movies, you know Hugh Jackman is jacked! Before then, he had an alright physique. But when you are called upon to play a superhero (especially Wolverine), you got the have the body to match. Way to go Hugh!

Because winter time is hear does not mean ignore your bum. It is your duty as a woman to maintain a nice, firm butt. A butt that makes your lover think twice about hanging with their friends tonight. If you don’t have one of those butts, never fear! Try out these 30 exercises to shape your butt.

  • Squats

If the only time you squat down is when using the restroom, you are missing out. Squats is probably the best exercise for your butt. Not only does it tone your butt, but it works your entire lower body. Overall, squats make sure you have toned legs with a butt to match!