Since ancient times, dogs were the first animal to be domesticated. Since tens of thousands of years, humans have adored and taken care of them. Now, the world is full of beautiful dog breeds, from “purebreds” to trendy cross-breeds that people can’t help but pamper and spoil them.

Here is a list of cute dog breeds that will fall your head and convince you to become a puppy lover!

Do you love vintage cars? Old artifacts? Gadgets? Music? History? The Pawn Stars have it all! They have shown/received the most amazing items and we can just more of them. Rick Harrison, the Old Man, Corey, and Chumlee continue to keep their audience hooked through their hard bargain.

From relics of war to articles that belonged to legends of rock and roll, the following list contains the most incredible and unique items that ever come to Pawn Stars. Maybe you should check your attic; maybe you may have a hidden treasure you might uncover.

Yoga is becoming one of the most relaxing and satisfying ways to tone up your body and get in shape. Although the wide popularity of this type of exercise, there are many people still seem reluctant to get a yoga mat and start to practice it. We are going to show the most original and crazy photo that will convert you into a loyal yoga fanatic.


Although the Woodstock era ended 47 years ago, its cultural spirit, music influences, and iconic fashion remain alive even today. These photos portray perfectly what Woodstock was really is; it was more than just a music festival but a cultural landmark that represented the real wish for freedom from the youth of the entire generation of the 1960s and part of the 1970s.


The World Wrestling Federation (WWF) is the largest international organization advocate for professional wrestling. But the worldwide fame of the WWF is thanks to the wrestlers are the ones who steal the show. Some of the next wrestlers have been active for years and even decades. Let’s check this gallery to know who are the wrestlers that still active and who are in retirement.

Imagine having a sea creature approach and interact with you in a friendly manner. Such is what happened to one Canadian man who spent the day on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island in the country. The interaction between human and animal was so beautiful that many onlookers grabbed their smartphones and recorded the instance.

It’s not every day that sea creatures come to the shores for the sole purpose of having fun with their human friends. This particular day, however, was much different with an animal that few people understand and appreciate making his presence known.

Police officers in this country are expected to have professionalism and to uphold the law. When these brave officers are off duty, who knows that they can be up to. This woman was caught living a life outside of her job that does not reflect the moral image that a police officer should have. In the end, her exposure had resulted in her life and career becoming even better.

Officer Samantha Sepulveda

Officer Samantha Sepulveda is a officer by day and an underwear model by night. She became a national sensation when the New York Post revealed that this glamor model was also a full-time police officer. It was not easy for her in either career, but she had overcome her struggles to become the successful and independent woman that she now is.