As many pregnant women are all too aware, being pregnant is not easy. You don’t need to tell this South African rhino twice about how crap it can get, given the situation that she was put through when three lions took advantage of her situation.

When you’re pregnant, you’re living for two, which means that you have to take chances. Unfortunately for this mom-to-be, one chance taken put her in the thick of things as she falls into the body of water and has to escape.

Like all newlyweds, Mary and John had big plans for the future…

They were lovers who had decided to spend the rest of their lives together. However, their big dreams were almost dashed one day when John was involved in a major motorcycle accident. Mary never left his side. She refused to let him go even when doctors told her there was no hope. Check out these slides of a couple that defied all odds and read this heartwarming story of love.

1. In Difficulty And In Happiness

Mary and John had only been married for a year when her husband was involved in an accident. Soon after, doctors told her to turn off the life support system for her husband. However, Mary was determined not to give up. When he did wake up, it was more amazing than anybody could have ever imagined.

The Civil War makes a turning point in history for many reasons. One such reason is that it was the first time photographs were widely used to document the horrors of war.  Here are some of the most fascinating:

1. Sudley Springs
This photo shows the first major land battle at the very start of the Civil War. The land battle was an important start to the war.

Fierceness in a woman is not limited to her political party or the era that she lives in. Read on to find about 15 of the fiercest women across the political spectrum and history:

1 Hillary Clinton: First first lady to earn a graduate degree, to be elected to a national office, to be subpoenaed, and to run for president. This former Republican was a Democratic senator at the same time her husband was president. She also served as secretary of state.

It takes an incredible amount of drive, steady focus, and intelligence to become the CEO of a company. Traditionally, women have to work three times as hard as men to get anywhere near a CEO position. According to the List of women CEOs of Fortune 500 companies on Wikipedia, as of October 16, 2015, women held only 4.4% CEO positions at their companies. How many women CEOs, on and off that list, are beautiful as well as highly intelligent? This article will introduce you to 11 female CEOs that are both stunning and intellectual knockouts!

1 Jesse Draper – Jesse Draper is a beautiful former actress, talk show host, writer, and producer of the Valley Girl Talk Show. After interviewing hundreds of CEOs for the show, Jesse, a daughter of a venture capitalist, started investing in tech startups. Her background as a 4th generation entrepreneur helped her to become a CEO, investing in such startups as the design firm of Laurel & Wolf, Carbon38, Sugarfina, and Move Loot.

Though you may think they usually have to be perfectly in shape just to get into Hollywood in the first place, this often isn’t the case. There are many celebrities who either wanted to improve an already fit physique or to go from overweight to fit. Whatever the motivation, some of these stars have been very impressive in their body transformations. The following are 13 examples:

1. Joe Manganiello
Joe was never actually in poor shape when he was in the public eye, but he has taken it to a whole new level. When he took on the part of the werewolf Alcide in True Blood, he amped up his workout routine and became really big and muscular, shedding a lot of fat as well. His abs alone have been transformed in a huge way, much more defined and shredded than they were before. He had always wanted to be big and muscular, so he decided to restrict his calorie intake significantly. Manganiello also adhered to a strict workout routine, focusing on chest and legs on Monday and Thursday, zeroing in on shoulders and biceps on Tuesday and Friday, and doing his back and triceps on Wednesday and Saturday. He also made sure to do 45 minutes of daliy cardio in the mornings.